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Red Maple Hardwood Flooring

Consider red maple wood flooring if you're looking for a blonde-hued color, with a subdued grain, that doesn't compete for attention yet offers durability.

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What Is Red Maple Wood Flooring?


After seeing the beauty of your neighbor's new hardwood floors, you’ve embarked on your own search for new flooring but only if you can find a wood type that really accentuates your well-curated design style. Red maple wood flooring may be a contender worth your consideration, especially if you're looking for a blonde-hued wood with a subdued grain that doesn't compete for attention. It also offers long-lasting durability, which explains why it’s used in cabinetry, butcher blocks, and musical instruments. 




Would your living room come alive with the blonde to reddish brown color of red maple wood flooring? The fine-textured grain features straight lines with occasional curls and subtle mineral streaks, all of which contribute to red maple's uniqueness. If you're looking for a specific hue, you'll be glad to hear that red maple hardwood flooring can be stained, though it's best left to the pros. Whether you want whitewashed red maple to complement your modern farmhouse or a cool, grey-toned stain to open up your downtown loft, red maple flooring has you covered. 


Red Maple Wood Flooring vs. Oak Wood Flooring


So you’ve decided you want a light wood flooring but you can’t choose between red maple and oak. Maybe you’re wondering what the distinction is between the two most popular light wood flooring types.  Well, there are a couple of worthwhile differences to mention:


Advantages and Disadvantages of Red Maple Wood Flooring


You've got several benefits to look forward to if you choose red maple flooring for your house, including: 


There are a few considerations to keep in mind, such as: 




You may be extra curious about the resilience of red maple since learning it was categorized as a softwood. Thankfully, red maple wood flooring delivers incredible durability that won't disappoint in a pet-filled home with busy residents and constant foot traffic. Because red maple wood planks are lighter in color, you may see scuffs or scratches more readily. To avoid that, it's a good idea to protect the busiest spots in your home with area rugs. 


Lifespan and Installation


If you decide to go all in on red maple hardwood flooring, how long will it last before you have to shop for new flooring again? Great news! You may never have to buy flooring again if you play your cards right. Red maple hardwood flooring holds up decade after decade, sometimes for more than a generation! The key is paying attention to the factors that influence the longevity of your red maple flooring. 


These include: 


The first step is opting for an expert installation. You want to go with an experienced Flooring America professional who knows exactly what to do and has all the right tools. With a seasoned expert, you'll end up with beautifully installed new red maple wood flooring that's fully covered by your warranty and ready for a long life ahead. 


Maintaining Red Maple Flooring


Immediately after the installation of your new red maple floors, you'll probably be in the honeymoon phase. You'll be extra careful about how you and your family members walk on it and you'll clean up after every little interaction. But as the newness wears off and your investment becomes a regular part of your world, don't let maintenance fall by the wayside. Instead, sweep or vacuum as part of your weekly routine. This will prevent dirt and debris from accumulating and from inadvertently scratching your wood planks. 


Keep in mind that wood floors don't do well when it comes to moisture. If you encounter a spill or your kids trek their rainboots through the house and leave a puddle, wipe it up quickly to avoid any damage. Be sure to follow whatever care instructions are provided by your manufacturer. 


FAQs About Red Maple Wood Flooring